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At the same time, some scientists fall into the trap of calling theories facts when they are only theories. This actually violates the scientific method. Among these enormous and unproved assumptions are those concerning the origin of life and the denial of the supernatural. For such scientists, the conclusion is that we got here by chance and will end up in nothingness.

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This position is fundamentally unsupportable, and the Bible provides a wonderful and totally reasonable alternative. It is an alternative that involves faith in the timeless existence of the being the Bible calls God. There is a very sinister idea making the rounds these days, an idea even taught in the schools as the truth. That idea is that science is grounded only in facts and religion is grounded solely in faith in the Bible.

Is Biologos’s “Evolutionary Creation” A Biblical Position?

Therefore, the theory goes, when it comes to the origin of life, evolution may be taught in the schools, but not creation. The truth is that both of these views are grounded in a huge leap of faith and both claim to be reasonable. The creationist indeed places her faith in intelligent design, and finds in this faith a reasonable explanation of life and its origin.

However, the evolutionist also operates by faith: faith in the inexplicable and wholly random origin of something out of nothing! Make no mistake, this is a leap of faith, an astounding assumption not based on any observable facts. For Christians, faith in intelligent design as explanation for the origin of life is far more reasonable than faith in randomness and blind chance.

When it comes to miracles, it is fair to conclude that they lie outside of science, but are not opposed to science. God can and does intervene in history, so scientists and all of us do well to be humble in the face of miracle. When both these positions are understood and accepted, science and the Bible are not at odds.

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They are both gifts from God. Although Christians accept the Bible as entirely true, it does not use scientific terminology. After all, it was written thousands of years ago! The Bible is a casebook of divine love and admonition, as well as the very human response of failure and triumph. So although the Bible is not a scientific treatise, it is our guidebook for life.

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On our sickbed when all the answers of science have been exhausted, we throw ourselves on the hope so wonderfully described in the Bible. We live here by faith and reach for life beyond the grave. In its pages we find the story of our origin and destiny. Has it become your guidebook, too? While some view such adaptations as a form of evolution, no new kind of life is produced.

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Modern research supports the idea that the basic categories of plants and animals have changed little over vast periods of time. God is the Source of infinite power, or energy. Job This is significant, because scientists have learned that energy can be converted into matter.

As soon as you ask why is there something instead of nothing, you have gone beyond science. Examine the evidence and then decide for yourself whether to believe in evolution or creation. Skip to content Skip to table of contents. Library Magazines Awake!

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Yes No. Did God create the earth in just six hour days, as some creationists claim?


Did God use evolution to create life on earth? Where did the raw material of the universe come from?

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